Security requirements belong always to top priority requirements, - or would you leave your car wide open or even unlocked on the streets? Security needs also change permanently. New technologies, virtual assets, process outsourcing are just a few influencer in the ever changing world of security.
ILOGS-SMT is a innovative turn-key security management system (SMT), which enables organizations to define and control all security relevant aspects of your organization. ILOGS-SMT is a solid basis for your security architecture and, - that is even more important ILOGS-SMT even enables you to maintain your security architecture to meet new requirements and to ensure the stable implementation of existing security documentation.


  • Immediately available & intuitive
  • Effort-optimized maintenance of security architectures - even of highest complexity - by providing simple steps and dependency controls
  • Distribution of informationen only to relevant people - ensures that right information at right time on right places
  • Development of a knowledge base as basis for further certifications
  • Process-based approach
    by the combination of security processes and documentation and policies (Process based Knowledge Management)
  • Auditable, central system which enables users to identify changes immediately
  • Methods and standards are well supported and even improved by security based processes
  • Reliable and secure
    Security and reliability are - of courcse - what we always care about.
  • Innovativ
    Based on the underliing workflow architecture, ILOGS-SMT is an ideal platform - even for future changes and highest flexibility requirements.

Innovation is the solution for companies of tomorrow.

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