ParkingHQ Mobile Ticket Payment – Extraordinary convenience never seen before

Paying a parking ticket by using a mobile phone adds a level of convenience for your parking customers never seen before. She simply logs in to your parking app and types the ticket reference number. The App performs relevant clearing tasks in real-time and sends payment confirmation/receipt via e-mail. In parallel, a payment confirmation is send back to your connected CPMS, which allows for conveniently exiting the car-park: One just needs to insert the ticket to the exit-column reader! Thanks to ilogs, queuing at the car-park cash desk or searching for Pay Station seems a story from ancient times. Your parking customers will never look further as to park their car with your Mobile Ticket Payment service. Another great ParkingHQ eCommerce application to add value to your parking service!


  • Configure the Mobile Ticket Payment option centrally for all car-parks you wish to activate
  • Utilize a standard ParkingHQ payment service or integrate your own PSP of choice
  • Educate your parking customers how to use your parking App and the ticket payment option
  • Safe on car-park equipment (Pay Stations) and on labour cost (less cash-desk staff is needed)
  • Receive exact reporting on revenues generated
  • Learn about usage frequency and acceptance by your parking customers and adapt your marketing communication accordingly
  • Perform marketing campaigns and promotions to introduce and grow the Mobile Ticket Payment product
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Add significant value to your parking service
  • Grow your revenues and optimize your operational costs
  • Choose payment method from your user profile or pay without registration
  • Simply type parking ticket number and receive receipt for payment confirmation
  • Place very parking ticket at exit-column for leaving the car-park
  • Never ever queue at cash desk or pay station again

MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Parking ticket number entry and user profile login
  • Real-time interface (web-service) to enable paid ticket at exit-column
  • Seamless integration to ParkingHQ Suite and BackOffice Payment Module
  • Secure and encrypted payment transaction processing
  • Flexible choice of pre-configured PSPs
  • Easy integration of own preferred PSP
  • Seamless integration to ParkingHQ APP
  • As an option, just use a dedicated Mobile Ticketing Payment App
  • Reporting on revenues and transactions via PSP Merchant portal
  • User profile data is available for e.g. marketing campaign, compliant to existing data security and privacy legislation
  • App & Web: is required, configuration based on individual Smartphone and Internet requirements
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS
  • Back Office: Module Payment is required
  • Back Office: Module Content  & Adminis-tration is optional, configuration based on ParkingHQ eCommerce modules, CI
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional, depending on individual online advertising requirements
  • Back Office: Module Reporting is optional, depending on additional parking reporting requirements

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