ParkingHQ ConvenienceCard - Parking and cafeteria, all on a single prepaid card

Parking is at its best when easily combined with partner services. Your parking customers use a personal identification medium (a physical card or a mobile QR code) to consume and pay your parking products. Why not enhance customer convenience by providing multiple services payable with the same prepaid cashbalance?  For example, a university hospital in Germany combines parking and restaurant services onto a single, pre-paid convenience card. Thanks to iLogs, parking customers can now easily park their car and eat at the hospital cafeteria without the hassle of separate cash payments every time. Loading cash balance is dead easy: Over the Internet, at Designa payment machines or directly at the cafeteria cashier. Effective co-marketing is possible for the first time; customers simply love the parking/restaurant offer – which leads to more income at your end!


  • Optimize your cash-flow by providing a convenience pre-paid card to your parking customers
  • Have your parking customers consume and pay additional services by utilizing their convenience pre-paid parking card
  • Grow your overall revenues by offering combined services your customers absolutely love
  • Offer up- and cross-selling opportunities to your B2B customers, partners or affiliates
  • Flexibly define special offers or discounts on combined use of multiple services
  • Help your affiliates and partners make money, a sure way to grow your own revenues
  • Integrate additional services easily and efficient
  • Funnel all pre-paid revenue through your PSP of choice
  • Flexibly adapt your partner business model to maximise revenues on all ends
  • Offer additional products and services your parking customers most likely love to consume while parking their car in a hospital car-park
  • Offer added value and outperform your competitors
  • Load cash balance mobile, over the internet, at payment machines in car-parks or at cashiers of affiliate service providers
  • Enjoy discounts and special offers on combined consumption of services
  • Secure your card with personal PIN
  • Receive information on current cash balance every time you enter a car-park
  • Always stay in control via secure self-service portal

MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Personal card is newly obtained with secure PIN for first time usage
  • Customer self-service portal for card registration, lost or unusable cards and cash balance reporting
  • Loading of cash balance via Internet (App & Web Microsite), restaurant cashier system or Designa payment machine
  • Car-park entry column shows cash balance while presenting convenience card for passing
  • Seamlessly integrated with ParkingHQ BackOffice Payment module
  • Webservice integration of cafeteria POS/cash register
  • Full online system, no physical writing of cash balance to card, offline backup functionality
  • Secure deduction of cash values, dedicated fraud protection, high security cash balance server, ISO certification, dedicated admin rights
  • Back Office: Module Connect is optional, configuration based on CPMS
  • Back Office: Module Payment is required
  • Back Office: Module Content  & Administration is optional, configuration based on ParkingHQ eCommerce modules, CI
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional, depending on individual online advertising requirements
  • Back Office: Module Reporting is optional, depending on additional parking reporting requirements
  • eCommerce: applications are optional, depending on parking product strategy

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