ParkingHQ Reports - Always knowing what´s going on in your entire parking business

Consolidated reporting of your relevant parking data is a real business advantage. You no longer have to look up and match native application reporting from your CPMS, your back office or service systems to get the whole picture. Thanks to ilogs, ParkingHQ Reporting Server provides you with a single reporting portal, which contains relevant reports, analysis and statistics, which matter most. Now, your parking business data is in a single place, convenient and most of all, comparable over different data sources. For example, see entries from your CPMS, eCommerce revenues and customer support statistics in one report. Furthermore, your different data sources are fully customizable, and so are your reports and analysis. ParkingHQ Reporting Server comprises of 25 of the most important parking reports in its standard version.


  • Login securely from any web-browser
  • Grant individual rights to have you reporting- users access their individual reports or car-park data
  • Provide automated reporting to your customers, tenants, leaseholders or building-owners by letting them access your reporting portal
  • Analyze your data on yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly bases
  • Compare your selected car-parks on up to ten parameters/values
  • Produce individual analysis “on the fly” via interactive reports
  • See your consolidated parking data from multiple CPMS- and Telephony/Intercom vendors
  • Integrate your Individual reporting data (e.g. Excel Sheets) via generic-interface
  • Save reporting output in any standard format (PDF, Excel, XML, HTML, etc.)
  • Distribute reporting output easyly via E-mail
  • Find a comprehensive list of more than 25 reports to address all your requirements in parking business analysis



MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Integrated data connectivity CPMS: DESIGNA PM Abacus, SKIDATA APT450; Telephony: SIEMENS, Commend, Aastra
  • Integrated generic reporting data import: Excel Sheets, other systems
  • More than 25 comprehensive parking business reports
  • Secure web portal, multi-user, multi-tenant, multi-language
  • Standard administration of car-park, company, cost- center, employee and reporting information
  • Reporting output to standard file formats
  • Standard reporting data update scheduler, once per 24h or even once per hour (customizable)
  • Purpose-build operational parking database for reporting and data-warehousing
  • Optimized processing performance to reduce performance issues of your CPMS to zero
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS, Telephony or Excel Sheet data sources
  • Back Office: Module Content & Administration is required, configuration based on company, user, tenant and customer structure

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