ParkingHQ Payment – Secure Parking eCommerce revenue

Securing credit card payments has become one of the most common and trusted online activities nowadays – if you get the technology and process right. Offering convenience and credibility of the entire transaction process is key. Thanks to ilogs, online and mobile payment for parking business offers all the security your customers demand and which legislation requires. You have a choice of different acquiring banks to guarantee best conditions. Usability for your parking customer as well as for your administrative staff is vital, we strongly focussed on user friendliness and ease of integration while building ParkingHQ Payment and designing payment workflows and reports.


  • Choose from a range of different acquiring banks already integrated
  • Save cost and time by utilizing integrated payment processes – no need to start all over again if you add a new car-park or new eCommerce product
  • Integrate real time creditcard payment approval and execution
  • Flexibly design your payment process
  • Offer a range of payment options to your parking customers – they will love the freedom of choice
  • Act 100% trustworthy thanks to fully encrypted, secure payment technology
  • Manage all your transactions in a transparent and comprehensive way via a single, secure web-portal
  • Have all payment details and history available at your fingertips, not only for customer support and enquiries
  • Enjoy best conditions and transaction fees
  • Search and filter your entire payment transaction data
  • Always know what’s going on with your online revenues thanks to comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Encrypted, secure payment transaction processing
  • Internet, Smartphone and Paystation usage
  • Customer self – service (reservation, cancellation, scheduling, user profile)
  • Highly intuitive usability
  • Protection against fraud
  • Direct exit without use of the pay station

MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Secure and encrypted credit card processing user dialog
  • Seamlessly integrated with ParkingHQ App & Web mobile and online payment user features
  • Seamlessly integrated with Automatic Pay Stations in your car parks
  • Fully compliant to PCI and IPSEC security standards
  • MerchantCenter to exercise full transaction controlling and reporting
  • Integration of different payment  services for different car-parks or different regions/countries
  • Customizable payment workflow, depending individual requirements
  • Customizable payment options depending on eCommerce requirements (e.g. recurring payments)
  • Seamlessly integrated with eCommerce and Paystation applications
  • App & Web: is optional, configuration depending on mobile and online payment options
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS and financial accounting systems
  • Back Office: Module Business Workflow is optional
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional, depending on customer care and support requirements

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