ParkingHQ Business Workflow – Your individual business processes matter

Successful Parking eCommerce only comes to life when it can easily adapt to an ever faster changing world of internet and mobile business. Customer behaviour, new Internet technologies or new online business models require all your flexibility to implement individual process requirements - and not to wait ages for a release-update of your entire system. Thanks to ilogs, ParkingHQ Business Workflow can provide you with the freedom to just change the process but leaving the entire system untouched. With Business Workflow, you are in the lead. Whether it is a new payment option, an additional quality improvement, a customer support process to be automated or a new parking product to be added to your eCommerce portfolio.


  • Automate or semi-automate your eCommerce back- office processes
  • Define dedicated employee activities on recurring tasks like new season parker contract or adding a new car-park
  • Monitor all process activity, learn from recorded process execution history and improve your overall quality
  • Add new parking products, payment options, support processes or employee tasks without upgrading your system
  • Automate your invoicing/billing process
  • Offer convenient payment methods including recurring credit card payment
  • Monitor backoffice processes and receive daily, weekly, monthly statements plus alerts on anomalies
  • Improve your back office and administrative execution quality due to work-basked concept
  • Deliver high quality, process-based season parking to your corporate and private customers
  • Offer comprehensive customer care services


MAIN FUNCTIONALITYModule configuration requirements
  • Monitoring of all workflow activity  including status alerts
  • Automation of ParkingHQ eCommerce processes
  • Graphical workflow editor
  • Parking workflow best practice library
  • Definition of users, roles and responsibilities
  • Inclusion of system tasks like automatically updating car-park information or transferring financial data to accounting system
  • Seamless integration to other ParkingHQ BackOffice modules
  • Administration via single, secure web portal
  • Work-basked concept: employees receive dedicated tasks to work on
  • Escalation mechanism if employees can’t decide on task
  • App & Web: is required, configuration based on individual Smartphone and Internet requirements
  • eCommerce: at least one application is required
  • Back Office: Module Connect is required, configuration based on CPMS
  • Back Office: Module Payment is required, configuration based on Payment Provider
  • Back Office: Module Content  & Administration is optional, configuration based on ParkingHQ eCommerce modules
  • Back Office: Module Marketing is optional

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