Klagenfurt, August 2013. ilogs mobile software gmbh participates as a partner in the european research projects "Confidence" and "Topic".

Unsere Forschungprojekte im Überblick:

The researching group „Salzburg Research“ lead the eu project “confidence” which created a digital assistance system that supports persons with dementia in their day life. With different systems like a speech-, video or navigation system it is possible to adapt the support on personal needs. The user can get in contact with attachment figures and can be located by tracking to get help in disorientation.

The Project is promoted from the EU and the Austrian federal ministry of transport, innovation and technology.

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The technical university of Vienna started the researching project „TOPIC“ with the aim to facilitate the daily care of informal caregivers.

An integrated information and communication technology (ICT) like an online platform supports the physical and mental care ability of informal caregivers. They can get in contact with formal caregivers and experts to discuss about different things or to get variable advices. This should reduce the emotional and physical stress and should rise the efficiency of caregiving. The access to the platform occurs in different ways like with the Smartphone, the Tablet or the television. Because of this it is possible to show pictures of friends on a wall and see their status.

With this ICT solution it is possible to integrate the social network in the daily routine and makes it pleasant for elder people.

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